Management and consulting

Because of our expertise and studies in Egyptian market we noticed that all industrial philosophies is not suitable in Egyptian market, this philosophies faces a lot of difficulties in order to be applied, also the results of it is not sufficient to achieve improvement SO our company decided to adapt and apply a unique philosophy deals with the Egyptian market problems called white factory

White factory is a new industrial philosophy referring to the ideal state of any industry
Set of measurements, thoughts, calculations and procedures combined together to raise the technical and managerial operating system of any industry

TEMS offers custom solutions for your company’s immediate and future needs. If you target to develop your company to scope with new challenges or need to align your whole organization to make the most out of your current resources, we’ve developed a Holistic 13-M methodology program that can help you achieve your goals. For companies looking for help in a specific industry or function, we can help with a Targeted 13-M methodology. We offer solutions for specific industries and functions as well as tailored programs for executive and on-boarding, training and certification from our 13-M methodology. If you’re hesitating of where to start, give us a call, we’ll help you find the optimum solutions that will suit your case.

In white factory we have our own classification of factories according to our calculations:

  • Black factory
  • Red factory
  • Grey factory
  • Green factory
  • White factory

Our goal as a consultant company to provide a clearly and creative way to transform your facility to white state

To reach and apply white factory to your facility we use our module (13M)
13M is an industrial module working on any facility calculating and studying all elements affecting the improvement of this facility and clarify the optimum way to make it doing well
What is 13M?

  1. Money
  2. Meaning
  3. Map
  4. Make up
  5. Man
  6. Machine
  7. Material
  8. Market
  9. Means
  10. Make
  11. Move
  12. Manuscript
  13. More