This M deals with ready-made methodologies that can serve the firm in their own way, they include more than 15 module such as

  1. Agile; ready-made methodology for high adaptability for switching easily between products given the same manufacturing ability
  2. Ergonomics; ready-made methodology for analyzing the human factor in more details
  3. Lean, six sigma & similar paradigms; ready-made methodology dedicated to eliminate waste and defects in a production environment
  4. Project management; ready-made methodology specializing in planning, organizing and controlling projects of big scale
  5. Quality; ready-made methodology to produce an output that conform to customer requirement without sacrificing ideal specs
  6. Standards & certificates; ready-made methodology to achieve accreditation in several aspects such as ISO and OSHA
  7. Statistical process control; ready-made mathematical methodology to monitor and pinpoint the variation in target requirement
  8. Tests & inspection; ready-made methodology for optimum performance of labs and test methods
  9. Risk; ready-made methodology to define and proactively prepare for worst case scenarios


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