This M deals with how functions are performed, measured, organized and standardized

  1. Information system; specializes in the integration of computerized information systems to perfo...

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This M deals with aspects that involve money analysis:

  1. ABC; the robust method of recognizing true costs based on activities transactions
  2. Accounting; taking care of issu...

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This M deals with physical container of all process:

  1. Capacity; understanding and managing our capabilities
  2. Facility; managing the plant in an appropriate way
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This M deals with the human issues that constitute a cornerstone in any firm

  1. Change; the ambiguous mission of change outlined
  2. Compensation; properly evaluating compensa...

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This M deals with functions that are related to or executed by machinery:


  1. Assembly; both manual and automated revising flow, balance and setup time
  2. Man...

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This M deals with materials in its various stages from raw materials to end product and treating the phases before, after and in between:

  1. Forecasting; managing and quantifying uns...

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This M deals with why and how work is done in terms of direction and strategy:

  1. Operations strategy; the strategy adopted by operations to meet business strategy goals

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This M deals with structure of the place in terms of hierarchy and scope:

  1. Enterprise; undercover chance of modeling the enterprise
  2. Leadership & management; identifi...

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This M deals with revenue source and main output of the firm either tangible or intangible:

  1. Product cost; factual cost of tangible output
  2. Design for manufacturing; how...

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This M deals with the external transactions and value propositions with respect to comparison to benchmarks:

  1. E; encompassing the virtual reality realm and its impact on the firm i...

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This M deals with ready-made methodologies that can serve the firm in their own way, they include more than 15 module such as

  1. Agile; ready-made methodology for high adaptability f...

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This M deals with more advanced modules that research further into complexities of dynamics of the firm:

  1. Enterprise & factory; the modelling and foreseeing of firm future
  2. ...

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This M deals with how firms can advance to greater shape on all levels, and causes significant leaps:

  1. Learning & improvement; the seed of growth and sustainability of a firm t...

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